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14.01.2023, 13:34

First Mission to Namibia coming up in February 2023

After a lengthy period of planning, we are now preparing for a first mission to Oshakati Intermediary Hospital in the North of Namibia. Besides offering pediatric surgical interventions, the focus is on...   mehr

14.01.2023, 13:25

Solar project for Bembèrèkè Hospital

During our missions in the past, we were regularly hindered in our work by frequent power interruptions, which left as blind and without the necessary equipment for short periods of time. Although this power...   mehr

14.01.2023, 13:06

Successfull mission in November 2022 with a big Team

In November, we went again for two weeks to Benin (Bembèrèkè), this time with a team of 6 persons, including three pediatric surgeons and an anaesthetist. This enabled us to work in two teams simultaneously,...   mehr

09.04.2022, 17:55

Mission March 2022 completed

This time, we were almost overwhelmed with patients, and had to work long hours to cope with them, some less urgent operations had to be deferred for the next mission. From March 21st till April 1st, we saw...   mehr

09.10.2021, 10:53

Restart after Corona successfull

After 2 years, we were able to visit Bembèrèkè again, for a full three weeks. As a team of four, we were cooperating very well with Dr. Troukou and his team and operated on 49 patients, continuing our teaching...   mehr

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