Kinderchirurgie in Afrika e.V.

Cooperation of Section of Pediatric Surgery. Klinikum Ludwigsburg, and HEB, Bembéréké, Benin

Early 2017, this cooperation was agreed upon with the goal of increasing awareness for pediatric surgical problems in this General Hospital, and of increasing the capacities to deal with them.

In November 2017, the first 2 weeks mission took place. To date, three more missions followed. We plan to do 1-2 mission per year.

During those missions, we treat children with congenital malformations and typical pediatric surgical problems. We also treat those with cleft lip and palate, and children with contractures as sequelae of serious childhood burns.

We always operate with the surgeons on site and introduce common operative procedures in doing so.

The Team of the operation theatre, as well as the surgical ward and the neonatal unit get more acquainted with pediatric surgical patients during those visits.

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